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Start Feeling Better Today.


Are you suffering from an ailment that hasn't gotten better or want to avoid using medications or surgery?
Most approaches jump too quickly to treat the symptoms without addressing the cause of your issue. 
We look to identify what has caused your problem and address it with a multi-faceted approach to help you get back to living a symptom free life!

What We Do and What You Suffer From

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Stress Relief
Muscle Tension
Increase Range of Motion


Knee Pain-Bone on Bone - Frank P.

I came to Dr. Andy in desperate need of help for my neuropathy pain. Like anyone else I was skeptical because for years all I was told is that nerve damage is irreversible. Went through the initial consultation and he did some of the treatments on me, and I was convinced. Just from 15 minutes of treatment, my feet instantly started to feel good. So in Jan 2021, I decided to give the neuropathy program a try. Best decision EVER!! I would advise anyone looking for neuropathy pain relief, come see Creative Health & Spine. Dr. Andy and his whole team are amazing. It's a process and some days weren't easy, but it's worth EVERY penny.

Neuropathy - Lakisha R.

Neuropathy - Jim C.

All of the staff at the practice are professional, kind and friendly. I’m primarily adjusted by Dr. Brian, but also have been adjusted by Dr. Andy (thanks to their Saturday hours!). Both Doctors are wonderful and truly care about each patients’ specific needs. At each visit, the staff and the doctors take the time to ask about any specific issues going on in your body. Periodically they will do another scan and photo to check your alignment which is great to see. I just can’t say enough great things about this practice and truly grateful that I found it!

 Back/Neck Pain - Maria B.

Knee Pain- Bone on Bone - Justine C.

If I could provide more stars for this review I would. The incredible experience here all begins with the team, they are fantastic. The team is personable, kind and makes you comfortable from the start. This has been life-changing, my body has never felt better. Highly recommended, take care of your body!

Energy/Shoulder/Hip Pain - Derek J. 

What They Are Saying

Not sure which is for you?

No problem.

Let's chat about your concerns & 
we'll create a plan to help you feel better.

At Creative Health and Spine we provide a truly holistic approach to your health. We discuss with you what has brought you in to the office and work with you to understand the cause of your condition. We will work together to improve your health and help you feel better while giving you a game plan to maintain your improvements and live a healthier life. We don’t just believe in getting you better, we believe in helping live a better life. The variety of services we offer allow us to provide you with one of a kind care unrivaled by other clinics.  







616 Lancaster Ave, Berwyn, PA

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