Functional Medicine


Millions of Americans needlessly suffer from a myriad of issues from thyroid/hormone imbalances, digestive issues/sensitivities, chronic conditions, and autoimmune disorders.  Standard treatment with harmful medications causes side effects and only masks the cause of your problem.

Our program gets down to the root cause, your leaky gut. A leaky gut can cause a multitude of symptoms due to the inability of your gut to protect you from the harmful molecules directly entering your body through your digestive tract.  We will teach you what to eat and how to use food to heal your gut and live a symptom-free life!

Throughout our lives, we help shape our microbiomes, which adapt to the changes in our environment. The foods we eat, how much we sleep, the number of bacteria we’re exposed to on a daily basis and the level of stress we have will determine the state of our microbiome.

So, if you are struggling with brain ailments, thyroid conditions, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, or anything on the autoimmune spectrum, we want you to remember one thing: it’s not necessary.

You will have an understanding of how your gut plays a role in preventing and reversing these ailments. Knowledge is power, but only if it is applied. Upon completion of these three phases, you will live the life you were designed to live by giving your gut the opportunity to heal.